Zainab Rashid

Zainab Rashid turned 12 years old on 12/12/12! She is a very talented writer with outstanding creativity and imagination.

Her book, “Glass Swan,” was launched on her 12th birthday. This book is an excellent example of her creative and imaginative style.

Zainab is a very kind hearted, enthusiastic individual who is full of energy and excitement. She is the type of person that will bring a smile to your face 🙂 and light up your day!

She not only enjoys writing, she also enjoys reading, playing soccer and badminton. She also likes photography and cooking.

Zainab is quite the traveller. She has had the priviledge of travelling to most of the continents, and one of her memories of travel is visiting an orphanage in Africa.

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Recently, Zainab has had the opportunity of meeting many people who have been extremely supportive, and shared fantastic words of wisdom with her. Two of whom are pictured below, Mayor Dave Barrow of Richmond Hill and MPP Reza Moridi.

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