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I wanted to be the first to sign your guestbook I am so proud of you. You were very determined and persevered all the way! I am thoroughly impressed with your fantastic story! Remember to Think Before You Act. LOL! Well done Zainab!!!

Husein Rashid:

S/A Dearest Zainab, This is another one of the very PROUD PARENT MOMENTS you have given us … one of many! You have again shown your initiative, persistance, determination, energy and leadership. With these characteristics, you will do and become whatever you set your mind to in life. We are so proud of both you and Sakina and thank Allah everyday for such wonderful daughters. Keep up the Great Work!
Love Dad
PS. Remember our deal, I get the first autograph copy of the book … and all future books

Dr Amir Lakha:

You have demonstrated your outstanding creative ability by writing this suspense-filled and thrilling book but that is just the first step. You are capable of a lot more which I am waiting to observe. Please do not get distracted – remain focused and you will excel.
My blessings and prayers are with you. May you succeed in all your endeavors.
Best wishes
Dr Amir Lakha
Your maternal Grandfather

Zahra Lakha:

Go Zainab-so proud of you as always xx

Shaista Lakha:

Well done-so proud of u mashallah xxx ♥

Zehra Allibhai:

So proud of you!!!!!!

Mayor Dave Barrow:

Congratulations Zainab! You are an incredible young lady and an inspiration to youth in Richmond Hill.

Reza Moridi:

Zainab is a young lady with great creative talent and imagination. I wish her all success in her literary work – Reza Moridi


how did you make this fantastic book? i don’t even know how! your book is awesome! i hope lots of people read this really interesting book!


well zainab i am your cousins friend maryam and your book just reading one sentence is so good!


I only read a few pages and it was fantastic keep up the good work


Good job zainab I love this book


Good job zainab I only read a few pages of ur book and it was amazing I loved it anyway keep up the good work

Sarah Al-kadumi:

omg zainab i cant wait to read your book. dont forget to sign it lol. i cant believe you are a real author and these pictures are amazing!!!
great job! your friend Sarah

Fazle Abbas:

salams, your book is amazing, very informative and helpful. i would like to suggest u to somehow try and get the books distributed around the world especially places like where i live ie. Kenya, and other places like UK and Tanzania. It would be really nice if people in such places could experience the memory and talent you have…

Kassamali family:

Zainab, we are so proud of you! Keep up the fantastic work. All the best with everything to come.

Aliya Sagarwala:

I am very proud to know an author in the true flesh and blood. Am just ordering some and will take them to Dubai when I go in Feb!
Salaams and Duas, Aliya

Zahra Namazifard:

I am in love with your book my friend bought it and she lent it to me and i could not put it down your book is by far the best book i have read by such a young author like me although i haven’t written or published any thing in my life i wish you all the best and to me you have a bright future


OMG!!! Your book is so awesome! I have always wanted to write a book!

Sahar A:

S/A Zainab, Wow, i have read your book already, and really enjoyed it, it was a very hard to put down read, and i enjoyed your conlusion of the book. the story was very touching, and has a good moral.
best wishes, Sahar


The book came in the mail today, started reading it and couldn’t put it down … it was amazing, you have done an excellent job … and I love the ending!


Wow. This is an amazing accomplishment for a young lady of your age. I congratulate you on your success and look forward to reading book #2!! Best of luck in everything you set your mind to!

Alvia Merchant:

S/A ,I feel so happy that my friend is an author and I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book I can’t wait to finish it !:):) when is your next book coming up. P.S I love the keep sake glass swan!:)great job!!!!!!

Sara Merchant:

Dear Zainab , S/A, M.A! You are such a blessing for your family and our community I feel so proud of you and I really feel honoured to be the illustrator of your book .Alvia and Abbas were so excited to read your book and when they read they were so touched that they were crying ,amazing story and the Glass swan looks beautiful in Alvia’s room. I pray that you have success in future and you are a good example for all the girls of your age! Keep up the Good work,My best wishes to you and your family!

shahriar yazdani (shawn):

im proud of you and your parents,the way they raised and educated you is giving the first fruit,waiting and wishing more to come,looking forward to read your regards to you and family.have avery nice x.mas and new year.

Najma Datoo:

What a BRILLIANT idea for the title! Brings with it so much food for thought even before one is to read the book! 12 is a great number, you’re blessed and we are blessed to have such a blooming young author in our community! Keep up the great work Zainab. Can’t wait to have it autographed and read it. Congratulations to your mum for all her efforts in leading you to this moment. Keep up the great work and the lovely, contagious smile:)

Maryam Rashid:

Dear Zainab,

Happy 12th birthday!! I can’t believe that today is the day you’re turning 12 on the day of 12/12/12. Today at school my teacher was talking about the special day in history , and after that I told her that today was your birthday and she said wowww !! I can’t wait to see what happens next with Lola’s birthday invitation. I wonder if she goes or not. The book sounds interesting keep up the good work and see yeah next time I’m in Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told my friend that you wrote a book and she has ordered a copy.

Your cousin from Vancouver
Maryam Rashid


Congratulations Zainab on achieving such huge success at such a young age. Wishing you all the best on all your future endeavours…I am sure great things lie ahead.

Nasreen Razvi:

Birthday Greetings to you for your 12th birthday on 12/12/12 – talk about great timing for your first book launch!! We are all proud of your accomplishment and excited to see what other marvelous achievements are coming up for you Inshallah. Well Done!!

Ron Price:

Congratulations to you Zainab.Truly refreshing to see young talent coming to the forefront.Keep working hard as that is the key to success along with honesty and integrity.I wish you great things in the future.

Monique Lovendhal:

Congrats Zainab! Best of luck for the future . Your have the world in your hands, follow your dreams and Live life to it’s fullest!

Sukaina manji:

Good job congrats we are all happy for your achievement and all the best, looking forward to read the book. Loved the title of the book

Dave Smusiak:

Congratulations on a terrific achievement…….and Happy Birthday !

Dave Smusiak
Rentokil Pest Control

Lucia Sequeira:

Congratulations Zainab, I am so proud of you.

Tim Kelsall:

Congratulations on your book release. May it go well.

Mike Maccarone:

Congratulations Zainab! Best of Luck.


I’m so impressed!! Good going!!

Konstantinos Kasekas:

Congratulations. And good luck

Shaina Rawji:

Congratulations Zainab! Can’t wait to read the book.

Lorelei Fernandes:

Way to go Zainab! You have a bright future ahead of you…great to see the youth of today being so inspiring. Best of luck with this book and the many more to come…


Good Job Zainab! Can’t wait to read the whole book. And happy early birthday xx


Hi zainab,
congrats on your book, and Happy Birthday with it arrives. Very well done

mukta anand:

Wow Zainab, can’t beleive that you are already going to be 12 years old! What a accomplishment! Good for you! Keep on writing! You are so talented and hard working! All the best to you. Mukta.


Mash’Allah, you are so young yet so accomplished I am so proud of you! I am very determined to read the book! You have are every muslima’s pride, insh’Allah keep up your talented work and NEVER give up!
I hope this gets posted on iTunes It will help spread faster Methinks!

Tahera Karim:

Mashallah, Great Work. Mubarakis to you and your family.
Looking forward to read the book.


Salaams Zainab … Mashallah, this is a great achievment … Can’t wait to read it!
All the best, Mubina


Mashallah! Can’t wait to read your work!

Mehjabeen Syed:

Salaam…MashA’llah what an achievement! Great job! Good luck in your future, we’ll be waiting to read your book:)

Zainab Hasan:

Salaam Alaykum Zainab; Mashallah!! what a wonderful achievement. We all look forward to reading your very first book Good luck!!

nazira dharsi:

Zainab you are growing to be an amazing young lady. I am sure you also got inspired by your older sister Sakina.

Sahar Akosia:

As Salaamun Alaikum Zainab, Congratulations! We are so proud of you. We need more writers and I hope this encourages other young people to write also. I am looking forward to reading many more of your books.

Zahra Jessa:

Wow Zainab! congrats on your accomplishment i cant wait to read the book and see what you have come up with. you have really inspired me.

Sayyada Merali:

Congratulations Zainab! Awesome job, so proud of you
Lots of Duas
Sayyada Merali [ badminton mate ]

Zainab Rasool:

My Dearest Zainab,

Am I surprised that you published your first book at the young age of 11? Not at all! Why you ask? Well, you always had a hidden gem inside of you, and from many conversations at school, it was not hard to realize that you were someone who thought “outside the box.” You are a persistent, confident and dedicated young lady. I can’t wait to read your story to my students. I have no doubts that you will serve as an inspiration to them. I am very proud of you!


Awesome job!!!! Your parents must be so proud, Mashallah.


Salaam zainab,
what a remarkable achievement, masha’Allah. May Allah grant you all of the success in writing more books and influencing young teenagers around the world, they need it ! Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to read your story =) Take care, and salaam again from Arizona, USA !

Sahar Amir:

Wow Zainab! I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it!!! I cannot wait to read
Your book! Best of luck,
Your good friend, Sahar

Sukaina panju:

MA…What a great achievement! Sabira and I can’t wait to read the book.

Sousan Satchu:

I just stumbled upon your book on facebook today and am extremely proud of you. I also read your sample pages and it looks pretty interesting. looking forward to reading it and good luck with all the future books you write…

Sakinah Hasib:

salaam alaikum, brilliant work Zainab! i am just exploring my way around the website now. we need more creative young women exploring their talents and it seems you have definitely started on the right foot with the guidance, love and support of your family and community of loved ones. way to go!

Tahera Kassamali:

Salaam Zainab. This is excellent. We need authors in the community and I am so happy to know of your book. I look forward to reading it, and hope it will be the first of many more to come. Lots of Mubaraki and duas to you and your family at this great achievement.

Shahina Rashid:

Mashallah, Congratulations Zainab. Couldn’t be happier for you. I read the sample pages and am very impressed with your writing. Cant wait to read the rest of it:) May this be just the beginning.

Mohamedraza Panju:

Wow..mashallah Zainab.. Well done.. very impressed.. Our prayers with you.. Keep up the great work and inshallah the 1st of many to come ..

Semina Virjee:

Mashallah! Zainab you are a very talented young girl. Your book looks really good. Looking forward to reading it. May Allah bless you and your parents. I look forward to your future publications! Congratulations:)

Farhana kassam:

Congratulations what an amazing achievement. Can’t wait to get a copy of your book.

Sayeda Datoo:

Mashallah, what an accomplishment Zainab! Way to go! You are an inspiration to young authors. Great perseverance and dedication. You know what happens now … we will all be asking for the sequel or the next book! Keep it up!

Fatema Rashid:

Congrats Zainab! Mashallah, we have a writer in the family. Can’t wait to read the book, awesome title. Keep up the good work!
With love and Du’as, Fatema

Zaynab Tamimi:

MashaAllah Zainab! Great Accomplishment Indeed. Wow, I’m already inspired by your works, Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to read about the story you’ve written! A Great start to your 12th birthday! And Happy Birthday Darling, May Allah (SWT) bless you with much success this year and many years to come:)

Aisha H:

Mashallah Zainab! Some people may call you young, but you’re not waiting to make a difference! May Allah enable you to use your talents to serve Him, and may He give you the best in this life and in the next.

Fatima Alibhai:

What a wonderful accomplishment! Can’t wait to read the book! Can we get signed copies for the library??


Dear Zainab I have seen your energy and spirit and am delighted to hear about the fruit of your efforts! May Allah always keep you smiling and increase your efforts!

Fatima Nanji:

MA, Good Job Wishing you tremendous success for this endeavor.

Faheem Mazher:

Fantastic job Zainab!! You have made us proud!! I hope this is just the first of mannnnnny more to come insh…keep it up young lady!!Your parents and grand parents must be very proud of this achievement!! you have inspired me already!!

Zahra Faheem:

Salams Zainab.. Mashallah! I am very proud of you! Your creative ability and writing skills have shone through as I read the sample pages. Its a great achievement at this young age. I pray to Allah to grant you success in all your endeavours! I am sure there is more to come after this. I would love to get a signed copy!

M Karim:

Congratulations Zainab. Way to go, I can’t wait to get a copy of the book.

Amena Sadiq:

Wow!!Mashallah Zainab, I didnt know about your hidden talent. I am so impressed, can’t wait to read the book. Keep up your imagination ). Fatima, I am so proud of you as well. You are doing a fabulous job in raising two beautiful and talented daughters.
Keep up the good work ladies. Best wishes and duas for our young talented author )

Naaznin Karmali:

MashAllah what a Superstar!! I’m so very proud of your accomplishment ) Keep up the great work, always striving to do better and with your loving and supportive family behind you, great things will lay ahead of you inshAllah!!
And I get the honour of saying I taught you!!
Well done Zainab, stay beautiful inside and out
Lots of love to your amazing sister and wonderful mother.

Fatemah Jaffer:

Who knew behind Zainab’s ever cheerful smile is an author in the making!!
Great news to hear about your book, Congratulation on this achievement!!
Wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

Farzana Chagani:

Congratulations Zainab! Mashallah
This is amazing and i am really proud of you and I wish you the best of luck with this book and many more to come.


Mash!! Zainab..this is fantastic!! Congratulations on this great achievement, Zahra and myself cannot wait to read the book. love Fariza and Zahra.

Riyaz Jessa:

Salaams, have not read the book yet! but matters not. The effort &; accomplishment alone justifies the accolades. May ALLAH(SWT) Always Guide and Protect You &; Your Loved Ones (Amen). May HE also allow this book to make a difference in every readers life (especially the young ones), which I believe is the intention. Lastly, Go Get It!

Fatemazahra Khaki:

Mashallah Zainab! Your book looks like a great piece of work. I’m sure all your hard work will pay off I’m very proud of you to have accomplished such a task at a very young age.. Keep it up! Just a piece of advice: keep remembering to thank Allah for enabling you to accomplish this task..without Him we can’t do anything. And thank Him for your lovely family who helped you through all of this Hoping to read you book soon – I love the title!! Best of luck Zainab.


MashaAllah! Good job! Can’t wait to read the book! Sounds really good!

Sakina Chagpar:

Wow Masha Zainab, this is amazing that you’re already publishing a book. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and read it!


Wow Mashallah!!!! Excellent Job!! A great accomplishment at such a young age!!! Good for you! Keep it up!!! Can’t wait to read more!!! Love and Duas!

Mehreen Nasser:

Salaams, Mashallah Zainab !! you write so well. I was reading the sample pages and want to read more and more. Can’t wait for your Birthday Launch Day. Loads of love and duas

Fatema H:

Zainab I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait to read your book; it’s such an amazing accomplishment to have written and published at such a young age. May Allah (swt) continue to always bless and inspire you

Trevor Price:

Mashallah Little Z….i could not be more proud of you. Hug your mom and dad amd say thank you for making me amazing!!! You are awesome and I wish you the best of luck with this book.

Masuma Khalfan:

I knew you had it in you . Great job and keep going….. And going….. And going….. I will be waiting for your next venture , all the best…

Kaneez Jaffer:

Congratulations Zainab! Mashallah what a wonderful young woman you are growing up to be Credit to your Mother, Father and big sister! Keep going – lots and lots of love and duas from me, Sabby and Aliyah xxx

Aarifa Manek:

Dear zainab, i am so happy about your accomplishment… Mashallah! Well done!! May you continue to excel… Remember reach for the stars… The sky is the limit… Love always, your favourite Aarifa Aunty…

Mubina Panju:

Wow Zainab, your book looks fantastic! I wish you tremendous success for this endeavor. You are very talented and I look forward to future publications. Congratulations!

Aliya Esmail:

MashaAllah, such a great effort. I pray this work and all of her future works are granted the best of success.
Praying that Zainab, and whoever else helped out, continue in this service to Imam Mahdi (as) inshaAllah.


Wow that’s amazing Zainab!!!!

Monique Lovendhal:

Congrats Zainab! Best of luck for the future. You have the world in your hands, follow your dreams and Live life to it’s fullest!

Happy Birthday!


All the best Zainab, today and always. Happy Birthday and Happy Bookday J You go girl!!!

Tabassum Bhayani:

Happy Birthdayy Zainab! I’m sure it’s going to be a fabulous fabulous day. I can’t wait to read the book! Congrats and wishing you lots of success and happiness always!

Zishan Allibhai:

Happy Belated and Congratulations!

Shahin Panju:

Happy Birthday and congrats on the achievement!

Zaynab Tamimi:

Its 12/12/12 at 12:12pm and I’m wishing you a warm 12th birthday Zainab! May Allah (swt) fulfill all your wishes this year and all years to come, ilahi amen.

Fatema Habib:

Happy Birthday Zainab! Hope your day is as awesome as you are! J

Sukaina Jivraj:

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, May your Book and your Birthday be a great success XOXOXOX


Happy Birthday Zainab!!!!!!! You are finaly the same age as me!!! Congrats on your book! :p

Masuma Khalfan:

Happy happy birthday to you…Our new glass swan is born ….J have a wonderful day filled with all the colourful stuff J I’m excited to get my copy J

Nazira Dharsi:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are finally 12 years old and not to mention an suthor. Enjoy your day.

Zainab Merali Dewji:

Congrats Zainab happy birthday ur becoming very famous

Nousheen Zahra Khan:

Anxiously waiting to read the book! InshAllah good luck and happy birthday!

Zahra Faheem:

Woohoooo its 12:12 on 12/12/12. hpe I’m the first. happy birthday Zainab and congratulations on the launch of the book.

Fatim Najafi:

Anxiously waiting to read the book. What an achievement! Wish you all the best

Kathleen Goodwin:

Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book!


I am so proud of you Zainab, Mashallah wishing you more success to come your way

Tahera Merali:

Mashallah Zainab, what a wonderful achievement. Keep up the good work as we need more authors in the community. Am looking forward to reading the book J

Shaista Irfaan Bhimji:

This looks amazing! so proud of you! Mashallah!!!


Awesome job, Zainab really proud of you  ♥

Amina Mohamedali:

I didn’t get your email but your book looks fantastic!


You wrote a book!!!! SICK that’s so cool

Jamila M Devji:

MashA, very proud of you!


Absolutely wonderful work Zainab!! Keep going and can’t wait for my copy J

Lynn Powell Goza:

Congratulations on a significant accomplishment, marked by your birthday, outstanding!

Hussein Shamte Amani:

Alhamdulillah, jazakallahu khayran

Sidiqa Rajani:

Mashallah!!!! Please reserve me a signed copy!!! Can’t wait to read it! I’m so proud of you Zainab J


Way to go Zainab…Absolutely amazing achievement MashAllah

Ooh…I like that!! A signed copy J Is there going to be an official book signing session? Can we get a photo with the author as well?

Massuma Kara :

So proud of you Zainab !! x


Absolutely Amazing!!!!! so proud of you J

Faheem Mazher:

Well done Zainab!!


Good job MA J we are so proud of u.


I want to read this book how would I purchase it

Sakina H Walli:


Mohammed Muntaser Kadhim:

A step towards Allah SWT a thousand step towards you

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